Using NCD with Kepserverex IoT Gateway

I’m trying to realise how to use PR55-21 Micro Gateway to send data from devices to our Scada system. By the moment I have spoted NCD rs232 and NCD counter sensors.
I’d like to hear about Micro Gateway compatibilty with Kepserverex IoT Gateway software.
At present we use Kepware to connect almost all of our OPC devices to Ignition Scada, so it would be very convenient using the Kepserverex IoT module with your products.
My thoughts are Mqtt as the best option for our industrial applications but quite opened to all possibilities. Any help will be appreciated.

We have one more user who usages MQTT gateway to talk to SCADA system.

He was kind enough to write a tutorial about this as well… it can be found here

Hope this helps.