Unable to communicate with edge computer in Alpha Station

Hi, I’m using IoT Edge computer for my Vib+Temp and 3 Channel Current sensors.
I used Alpha Station V for my USB Modem, but now I cannot use that for my edge computer.
Is there any other thing should I change for the connection? Cuz I have to change the reporting frequency for vib+temp sensor for every 7 seconds.
this is the connection settings of my Alpha Station

And also I have a small problem for the configuration of vibration sensor, not just like my current sensor, I cannot find my vibration sensor on my node-red debug window.
here is the setting of my node-red it’s the same with my current sensor setting.

  • I wanna know the sensor type is correct
  • I already tried the reset of sensor process(press and release reset button and then hold config button for 20 seconds and release and then press and release reset button)
    is there other way that I can configure this? Thank you.

The Vibration sensor does not use the delay value to set report interval. That is used for RTC. Set Delay to 0. Scroll down in settings in the sensor’s Node-Red Config Node until you find Interval and set that value instead.

Thank you!

I’m sorry but what did you mean at the last? “Scroll down in settings in the sensor’s Node-Red Config Node until you find Interval” this one

Can you tell me which vibration sensor you have? I thought you had one of the new V3 sensors but it looks like it may be an older sensor.

Have you watched this video?

I bought this sensor https://store.ncd.io/product/3-channel-industrial-iot-wireless-ac-current-monitor-sensor/?attribute_would-you-like-an-external-power-supply=Yes(Power+Sensor+Using+External+DC+power+supply+or+Internal+Battery)

I just watched that video and I cannot see the running or configuring message under the sensor node

Please keep all further conversation on this post so we are not talking in two different places:

Does the IoT Edge computer work with Alpha Station??
I have the same problem of “unable to communicate” between then two.

no it does not communicate with alpha station

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