Current Sensor and Vibration Sensor Problem


I made a flow in Node-Red to communicate with AWS. Yesterday. I was developing AWS DB system but the current and vibration sensors are not working properly. I couldn’t receive any data from the sensors(current and vibration). And just 3 days ago the vibration and current sensor were working on my flow of Node-Red. 2 days ago, the vibration sensor stoped sending data(Node-Red debug message was not comming) but current sensor was still working. Yesterday that current sensor stopped sending data. Even I did the factory reset a couple times and also turned the switch on and off, but it didn’t work. In this morning, when I turn the switch on and off, the message comes up but just one time, no more data is comming. Can you give me some help for that please? thank you.

What did you have the report interval set to? If it was really low it’s possible the batteries are dead.

I would also check the connection for the vibration and current sensors to make sure they are still properly attached.

How can I set the report interval? I didn’t change it.
I think the battery is enough cuz the data says it’s about 99%

So you get this message when you power the sensor on but never get anything after that?

This video demonstrates how you can change settings such as delay(report interval) in the sensors using Node-Red:

Yes I followed that video, the V3 vibration sensor node was “running” like 3 seconds, and turned out to “Configuration Acknowledged”

one time it was sending data but the data table is kind of weired

So the middle node is Current, bottom one is vibration. I followed the steps in the video, but the vibration sensor is not gonna be completed.

And even I can see the “Running” sign on the current node, the data is not comming up. I set the delay time for current to 30, and vibration for 0.

In order for settings to be configured for delay you need to check the Active box above NodeID and Delay Fields. Otherwise those settings are not stored during configuration.

Also I do not recommend setting delay to 0. Set it to something like 30.

But you told me “The Temp/Vibration sensor does not use the delay value for report interval like the other sensors do” this, so I thought I have to uncheck the box ubove
So you mean, I have to check the box and do the configuration process and also I need to set the delay as 30. Okay I’ll do.

I did the same process but one time data come up(the temperature data is only right all others are empty value) and it turned out to ACK mode. I need more help…

Sorry, I originally thought you had a V3 sensor which has different settings.
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vibration sensor will send zero data if

  1. sensor is not installed on a running vibrating machine
  2. if the vibration value is below 0.035g.


Oh then the current sensor is the same reason why it doesn’t work?

Thank you, but it stopped sending data(not even zero) after one data came out. If it is connected to a running machine, it will send data constantly?