2 Channel Vibration Sensor Plus - no factory reset possible

We’ve got the 2Channel Vibration Sensor which have already worked out-of-the-box with our IOT Edge.

But I have to configure the sensors sample rates. For those I’ve installed the latest Alpha since it was my first Setup with NCD. I configured the COM connection to our MegaModem. Works fine so far.

I triggered the reset on the 2ChanVib Sensor to force a transmit and it was shown in the list, but just as “Unknown Data Source”. As the Doc says : I’ve to use the latest Alpha. But mentioned above, I’ve already the latest. :frowning:

So, no problem, I’ve found this and tried to configure the sensor with node-red. It looks great! Not was connected/running and seems that it got the update. But since then… I’ve never seen the 2ChanVib again.

Factory Reset is not possible or better : It did not make any changes. Try to configure from MegaModem even also did not work since it didn’t show my sensor.

So @TravisE_NCD_Technica , how can I bring it up again? :slight_smile:

Thanks for advice,


Hi Tom,

In Node-Red if you double click on the Gateway Node you will find a check box that says “Output data from unknown devices”. Check that box. You will see this creates a second connection on the Wireless Gateway Node. Attach a debug node to that and also attach a debug node to the first output, then power up the sensor. Let me know if you see anything at all in the two debug nodes.

V3 vib sensors do not work with alpha station. please use node red

Hi Travis,

this is the only output right after clicking on deploy, 9E:CF is the IOT Edge itself

Even after connecting the sensor to power no further message comes up. (Clicking on CFG triggers just the red led)

Does anything output if you press the RST button on the sensor?

No nothing happens by the RST.

  1. So just to confirm you have never seen a transmission from the device in Node-Red?

  2. Are you certain the power switch inside the sensor is on(should be towards the wall of the enclosure)?

  3. When you press the RST button do you ever see an LED inside the sensor flash?

  4. Click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of Node-Red, click Manage Pallet, find ncd-red-wireless and let me know what version it is running.

  5. Do you have antennas installed on the IoT Edge Computer and the sensor?

  6. How far apart is the IoT Edge Computer from the sensor?


  1. no, in the beginning I’ve received already some sensor_data. Then I’ve found this video NCD Enterprise Sensor Configuration through Node-Red - YouTube and tried to configure the sensors settings with node-red. It looks great! Not was connected/running and seems that it got the update. But since then… I’ve never seen the 2ChanVib or any sensor packages again. The problems starts with/after the config with node-red

  2. Yes. The switch is in the position of the photo, and totally to the other side to use it by batterie

  1. No. Pressing the RST did not flash up the LED

  2. I’ve updated it already to 1.5.52

  3. Edge Computer yes, sensor no. (10-feet-rule)

  4. between 1 or 2 feet, both on my desk

what happens if you press cfg button ?

As shown in the video above, the LED flashes. Nothing more, no debug log

Re-Flashing did the trick for me. Now it works again. Thanks for all your help

Hi Tomcon,

I have the same problem with this sensor.
How did you “Re-Flash” the two channel Vib Plus V3 sensor?

(If I’m correct, the Alpha Station software is not yet working with this sensor).

Leendert Vermeulen
The Netherlands

Hi Leenve,

sorry for the delay. Had have some digital detox :slight_smile:

Get the Firmware (PR55-61N_V4.zip) from here

The Step by Step Description is here

May be my other Thread will help a little bit more with the molex connector layout.

I’ve used this Serial USB Connector


But remember : also make sure Tx and Rx are cross wired.

– Tom

Hi Tomcon,

In the meantime I received a USB-serial part from NCD to flash the Two Channel Vib-sensor.
And re-flashing works great.
Now I want to connect to our company Azure portal with my NCD Edge computer.
Do you have may be a working node-red flow with the Azure connection node and the Two-Channel-Vib-sensor? In particular the way how the “Properties” and “Telemetry” info has to be handled into the node-red Azure node. I can’t find it on the website and/or Github for the Two-Channel-Vib sensor node.

Many thanks in advance.

Leendert Vermeulen
The Netherlands

Sorry… No. I do not use azure for now.

Dear tomcon,

In node-red I can not install nodes via Manage Palette and not in the terminal in the directory ~/.node-red.

Have you any ideas why?


Hi TomCon,

In the mean time I have the Two Channel Vib V3 sensors up-and-running and re-configuration works too.

What I can’t figure out are the possibilities of the setting of “Sampling Duration”.
Is it only “1” and “2” or can I choose 3, 4, 5 etc. (till a certain maximum) as well?