Molex Pin Layout - Wireless 2 Channel Vibration Temperature Sensor


what is the pin layout of the molex connector by the “Wireless 2 Channel Vibration Temperature Sensor”?

Need to know where GND/TX/RX/3.3 is to prepare our USB - UART Connector to prepare a reset firmware update

I can’t find anything by the resources on



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Hi Tom,
from L to R
1-- NC
2 – GND
3 - Tx
4 – 3.3V
5 – RX


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@Bhaskar which Firmware do I really need for the “2 Channel Vibration Sensor Plus”.

I think the sensor is V3, but there I only find a

And is this documentation also for the “2 Channel Vibration Sensor Plus”?

At least the part how to put it into bootloader mode? Because I think it did not work


correct it did not go into bootloader mode.
also make sure Tx and Rx are cross wired.

Woohooo! That was the trick! Thanks Bhaskar!