Vibration value oscillating serious

I use NCD PR52-33N to monitor the vibration of our equipment, and through Node-red build a dashboard to monitor and export vibration data.
However, the data I collect is weird, the vibration value is so big and oscillating very serious, the collected data I think is not reasonable. I use another vibration instrument(EXTECH SDL800), the collected vibration data are stable and the value smaller than the NDC sensor collected. Do you have any idea how to correct this problem? I reset the NCD sensor on a stable desk to make it self-calibrate, but the result still the same.

Below is the data I collect from both sensors, I collect the vibration data on three different machines.



Ref: Temperature and Vibration data.xlsx (55.5 KB)

Thank you so much!

you can reduce the bandwidth to 400hz.

by default its sett o25.6K and it can pick all kind of noise.


I change the sensor bandwidth through Node-red, but the vibration value still high.
How to make sure I change the sensor setting?

I modify the bandwidth from 25600Hz to 400Hz, but the acceleration value still oscillating seriously.