Unable to connect via static ip

Hi NCD community,
I have bought two industrial relay controller 8-relay with ethernet (ncdwebi) for work with. This board seems to be awesome. Unfortunately, I am not able to connect via static IP.

The connections with DHCP via a router seems to be unprolematic.

The web interface is pretty cool. The NCD config tool and the COMM Operator works.

However, I have changed the connection settings to static IP with the same properties as in the DHCP properties. After connecting directly with the laptop, I can’t connect to the relay card. The NCD Base SW recognize the relay card, but can’t connect to it.

The Web Interface also doesn’t work.
The COMM Operator also recognizes the device, but is not able to connect.

I have look in the NCD config tool. It also recognizes the device but list another local IP of the Laptop.

After that I also update the firmware (NCDWEBI_App V2.2), but it doesnt help.

The final test setup doesnt include a router. So I have to work with a static IP. I am looking forward a solution :slight_smile:

Here are pictures of ncd config tool with router (first pic) and using static IP and directly connecteed to the PC.

I also try the ping the IP via cmd. Here the same result: with router ist good; with direct connection to the Laptop doesnt work.


I really don’t recommend a direct connection with a laptop. Do you have an unmanaged switch you could put between your computer and the controller? Or just an unmanaged router?

Hi Travis,

thanks for the fast answer :slight_smile:
For the pictures above, I have tried with a managed router. As the Test Box I am developing limits my hardware space, I would prefer a direct connection to the mini PC in the Test Box.
Out of interest: why it would work with a unmanaged switch but not with a direct connection to the PC.
I’m gonna look for an unmanaged switch and will test it.

I have more Test Setups in planning. So if it gonna work well, I will purchase some more industrial relay cards :blush:
Best regards

P.S.: The description mentions a direct connection to the PC if I use the jumper. I thought after setting a static IP I could also control a board via a direct connection with a PC. Are my settings mentioned above not OK ? (wrong gateway maybe or so?)

I just connected the ncd5500 to my PC via regular ethernet cable using the static IP jumper. for some reason it didnt save the static IP settings.

This is one of those odd feature which is rarely used. I will see if i cant find any info on how to use it properly.

Hi Travis, Hi Bhaskar,

just figured out how to connect the relay card directly with the Laptop.
1.: Connect Relay card with switch and PC in order to read the settings.
2.: Start NCD Config Tool and get the IP adress on the top left side, the Subnetmask and all the other Settings
3.: Connect Relay Card direcly with PC.
4.: Start NCD Config → Use the Follow IP Adress
5.: Fill in the Settings: IP adress as reas before in NCD (change the last number e.g. xxx.xxx.xxx.36 to xxx.xxx.xxx.44); Subnetmask as read before; Gateway as read before (change the last number to .1); DNS as read before
6. Apply Settings
7. Tap the xxx.xxx.xxx.36 to your Browser

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Correction @step7: Tap the xxx.xxx.xxx.44 (not 36 of cause) to your Browser