Two Channel Counter Threashold


I have purchased the Two channel counter as well as the Azure Gateway.

Whe intend to use the counter with a magnetic switch. When we connect the switch and use it, we get a very high count out of the counter.

I assume we need to set some threashold, or other parameters related to when a pulse should be detetected.

I have found this forum thread describing something similar, but how du i configure the conuter, when i only have the above 2 products?


Can you tell us what value you are getting for the counter when you close/open the input?

The inputs on the device are for dry contact closure signals. Is your magnetic switch providing dry contact closures? Do you experience the same issue if a simple button, switch, or jumper wire is used to trigger the input(s)?


I am using [PSA 240/30 | Magnetic Proximity Switches | Comus Group](this sensor) for the connections.

Upon further inspection i only get between 1 and 5 counts.

When i am using a button, the count seems very accurate.

It sounds like that sensor is “bouncing” upon detection of the magnet. I have found with these devices that you need the magnet to come very close to the sensor. Also it should come in range of the sensor in a relatively short period of time(the magnet should not slowly approach the sensor). Typically these devices are used for a door monitoring application. Can you tell us more about the application you are using the sensor for? If it’s for something like a slow moving conveyor belt then that may not be the correct sensor for the application as the sensor may bounce open and closed as the magnet gets within proximity of the sensor.


Thank you for your fast replies!

The usecase is a turnstile at an amusement park, where we are prototyping some alternative ways for our reporting.

We tried a different route of debouncing with a capacitor across the terminals in parallel with the inputs.

We have executed a test of 24 hours, where we seem to get reliable numbers out of it. For us, this is an easier fix than trying to change the threashold.

Thank you for your inputs.

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Great! Let us know if you need anything else.