Setup vibration and temperature sensor

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I am waiting the list attached and I want to prepare to understand all the steps to setup the sensor can you please share with me the documentation with all the steps to make it work.

The gateway comes with node red and you can download the node red flow

product manual


thank you Bhaskar for the information

Finally I received the vibration and temperature sensor, I setup the devices but it not displaying the vibration and temperature data, attached is the screenshot of what I setup, I will deeply apreciated your support


Can you tell us if you are running Node-Red on a PC or on the IoT Edge Computer?

Secondly can you please share your current Node-Red Flow?

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Travis Elliott

Hi Travis yes I am running Node-Red on the IoT Edge computer, I leave the plant already tomorrow I will share the flow, what I remember when I was configuring in the options of the device I just saw vibration and pro vibration but no vibration & temperature sensor, this last one is the one I purchased(PR55-61E), from the messages I saw in type “unknown”, hopefully might help to understand better what is happening

did you update the ncd-red-wireless library ?

Hi Travis if I am running on the IoT edge computer how can I update the ncd-red-wireless library? thank in advance for your support

I say because when I am running on the IoT edge computer i am connected to the ncd gateway in this way I don’t have internet connection

you will update the ncd-red-wireless.
I will recommend connecting the gateway to ethernet while updating the library.

understood, please confirm if I need to go to the terminal tab and then update the library, also need to know the words to update for example ncd-red-wireless- update or something different, thank you in advance

Another doubt I have should the PC must be connected to the gateway via USB? I am not sure If today I was working in the correct way since I had the gateway connected to ethernet and the way my PC enter to the UI tabs was through the wifi networks and click the ncd gateway XXX and access with ncd gateway.

You can update the library using node red dashboard
Click on the hamburger icon on the top right corner and click manage pallet
Over there you will see a tab for installed library, update ncd red wireless

I will highly recommend checking out node red tutorials on ncd website as well as on google


Please follow Bhaskar’s instructions to update the ncd-red-wirless library through Node-Red.

Your computer does not need to be connected via USB. Really the only time this would be done is in a factory reset application which you should not need to perform.

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Thank you I will follow instructions and let you know.

I tried to update the ncd library accessing the manage pallete and clicking install it shows a message"failed to load node catalogue" " check the browser console for more information"

restart the node red and share the ncd-red-wireless lib version

Thank you for your support finally sensor is working, cheers from Honduras Central America, I want to congratulate you because you have good products.

also want to tell you sorry for your lost , now Jimmy is in the presence of God.

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I have my sensor vibration and temperature sensor working and sending data to google sheets, now what I want to do is send the data to a MSSQL server located in a virtual machine of our manufacturing plant, I´ve read that I can use mqtt using ssl/tls, mqtt over websockets,websockets but no experience of doing any of this please advise.
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If you are using Node-Red running on our IoT Edge Computer there are many MySQL(Assume this is what you meant) libraries available for Node-Red. You can take a look here:

This one in particular seems to have numerous downloads which would indicate it is widely used: