Setup vibration and temperature sensor

thank you Travis but I was referring how to pass data from the iot edge computer to a remote site in this case the server located in a virtual machine using mqtt


That is more complex. Keep in mind NCD is a hardware manufacturing company. We can only provide support so far. We can provide support for getting data from the IoT Edge Computer to an MQTT Broker, but pulling the data off the MQTT Broker and sending it to a MySQL database is outside of our technical support purview. That said I do have an article on that subject here which may help:

If you are having trouble publishing sensor telemetry from the IoT Edge Computer to an MQTT Broker please let me know.

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Yes I need support for getting data from the IoT edge computer to an MQTT broker, the article you share with me it’s no longer available

Apologies for the bad link to that documentation. Here is a new link:

Does your MQTT Broker utilize TLS certificate based authentication or just basic authentication(username/password)?

Thank you Travis for the information, based upon the information it seems I have to buy the MQTT gateway since the one I am using is the IoT edge computer.


No, not at all. That article was just written before the IoT Edge Computer existed. The IoT Edge Computer can report sensor telemetry via an MQTT Broker just as well as the MQTT Gateway. It’s really pretty simple to do. Have you worked with MQTT in the past? What MQTT Broker are you using?

Hi Travis,
I have no experienced in MQTT, last week I installed on my computer Mosquitto broker and did a basic flow and worked, please confirm if with this broker I can work with the ncd sensor.
Since I am new I will asked a silly question, the iot edge computer is connected via ethernet from the network of the company and my computer also can connect to the network of the company via ethernet also still with this setup I really need MQTT to send data from the Iot gateway to a MSSQL installed in my computer?

I would recommend doing some research into what MQTT is and how it works. You cannot use the MQTT protocol to log data to MSSQL directly. MQTT is a messaging protocol applications use to communicate telemetry data. The IoT Edge Computer can transmit dat to the MQTT Broker, then a software application running on the same computer as the Mosquito MQTT Broker can subscribe to that data and then log it to the SQL database. In the article I shared I created a simple python script that subscribed to data on the MQTT Broker, then when it received data it logged the data to the SQL database. You will need to do something similar.

If this is a bit too complex then I would recommend working with someone like as they may be able to provide you with a simpler solution for logging and graphing data.

Thank you for your support Travis, I will do more research to understand MQTT and will follow your advise to contact someone like Ubidots to support me.

Hi Travis I achieve to send data from the IoT edge computer to a MSSQL, I log temperature data to the MSSQL, the json node plays an important role and to setup the MSSQL I add the ethernet IP to the server and worked, thank you for your support

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Great! Glad you have it working.


Sebastian here, from Ubidots’ Support team.

If you like you can contact us directly at so that we can further discuss what you’d like to do with your sensor data through MQTT.

P.S. as I saw that you are from Honduras, feel free to write in Spanish if you want, as we also provide support in Spanish.

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