RS232 Data collection?

I am using an ethernet modem (PR55-17B) to collect data from a few 4-20 ma current receivers (PR52-9). I have an application where I have a well level transmitter that is capable of sending a serial string at a regular interval that has level data and some other elements in it. Do you have a wireless device that can retransmit a serial string to the ethernet modem in a similar fashion to your wireless sensors?

is it RS232 serial or TTL.

It is RS232 measured to be operating at ±6 volts.

this will be the closest match.

The wireless module will need to be set in AT mode ( we can set it for you).

OK. I plan to use several of these. Do I need to be concerned about data collisions using AT mode?

do you happen to know how many in one area and what will be the data transmission interval?

I have 8 serial devices in mind right now along with the 2 sensors i am using but i can see adding 20-30 more sensors in the future.

Transmission interval will be low…One minute data Will be lots. How do I specify AT mode when I order the part?

Any more thoughts on this? I would like to place an order soon.

You will need to get one of these

and set the xbee module in AT mode and also set the destination address. Destination address will be the address of Ethernet modem.
xctu can be used to set all these parameters.

20 units will not be a problem if they are sending after 1min or so.

I would like to send data from four scales having serial com. I prevent using the rs232 wireless modules. Would this device be able to send at a 200 ms interval?