Random missing parameters from sensors


I am trying to send data from some of our vibration and temperature sensors to an MQTT broker. The receiver is reporting that they are missing random data points from each sensor. I’m attaching a picture of the missing parameters they sent me here:

If I go into the historical data from these data points, they are super inconsistent but mostly logging their values as zero. The receiver is missing these data points from the transmission entirely. I’m attaching another picture here of the historical data for Fan 1’s vibration sensor min_z. It is mostly zero with random rare occasions where it logs a value:

I’ve scoured the forums and the most slightly related answer I was able to find was this statement: “only time zero data will comes when device can’t talk to vibration probe but in that case all should be zero.”
VibTemp Axis min_z reports as zero - Hardware - NCD.io Community

Is that my issue here? I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure this out. These sensors are super inaccessible but I’m having someone go reset them tomorrow.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

If I grasp the situation accurately, the problem you’re encountering pertains to the sensor data registering as 0. Is that the correct interpretation?

It’s important to note that 0 can indeed be a valid value. However, if all the data values consistently read as zero, this could signify a potential problem between the sensor and the transmitter.
if only one parameter is zero and rest all correct it means that parameters true value is zero.

Sorry, I should have given more detail. We are passing all of the values from our sensors to another company through an MQTT broker. On my end, I can see all of these missing values, but they are just logged as zero. On their end, they are receiving incomplete sets of data. So for example, they are receiving all of Fan_1’s values except for the min_z value. They’re not even receiving zero, they are missing it completely by the time it gets to their end. If I look at it from my end, I can see min_z’s value but it is just zero. This holds true for all 28 missing parameters across 14 different fan’s we are watching.

My initial thought was that the value’s true value was zero, but why wouldn’t they receive at the very least zero on their end?

Thank you for the reply and your help.

Edit: Here is a picture from their end:

do you have USB modem.
Here are few things
when the sensor sends data, it sends all the data in one go. so either it will send all data or nothing.
I am suspecting that there could be variable name mismatch causing the issue. it could be either in the gateway or on the MQTT broker side.

Found the solution, turns out they just needed a power cycle. Thank you for your help.