VibTemp Axis min_z reports as zero


I have a Vibration and Temperature sensor that is sometimes losing an axis, and reporting it as a very strange value until reset.

Here is a screenshot of my data. The blue line is the Z axis. It is really rms_z.

Looking at the raw telemetry, however, I can see that, for just one axis, the z axis, the min becomes 0, the max becomes a very high value.

After resetting the sensor the issue cleared up. My site reported that this has happened a few times, but I only have the one occurrence to look at for the moment.

I wouldnt think its a cable or wiring, because I believe the vibration head uses four pins, VIN, GND, SDA, SCL. So if a pin or wire was faulty I would see errors on the other axis, or temperature maybe.

While the reset fixed it, I am just wondering if anyone has anything else I should try, should it happen again or on a different sensor.

its bit strange. only time zero data will comes when device cant talk to vibration probe
but in that case all should be zero.

is this the only device doing this or you have any other probe doing it as well.