ProXR ADx inputs as wired backup switches?

I have a couple of “R8xPL”, “PR60-1” Rev.G2B boards and I would like to add a wired backup option to my wireless remotes. In the manual it says I can connect wired momentary buttons or switches to the ADx (AD1-AD8) terminal screws and I assumed it would trigger the relays.
However, I must be missing something because it’s not “just working” like I think it should.
I have tried moving and removing the jumper, I’ve tried NC and NO switches but I can’t get it to do anything.
I have the switch connected from the ground terminal to the AD1 and AD2 connections next to it
What am I missing? Do I need to set something in the software?
The user guide on these connections is pretty sparse and I’ve found one other unanswered post who was trying to do something very similar to me.

Thank you for your assistance.


The ADC relay activation functionality has to be configured through software. You’ll need something like a USB adapter for the board if you don’t have one already. You can find these at:

The configuration is covered in section 11.1 of this guide: ProXR Quick Start Guide - and uses Base Station as the software used to configured: Start -

Thank you very much. I was searching for ADx and AD1 or AD2 I didn’t search for AD8.
Thank you I will now go and RTFM.