PR55 Comm Issue

We purchased an ASM1-2 Endnode and PR55-17A Wireless USB Modem. Just getting started and ran into an issue.

We are following instructions on this page -

We have successfully connected and communicated with the Endnode but when we attempt to connect to the PR55 the Alpha Station software displays “None” under Identifier and if we select “Sensor View & Setup” we can an error “Unable to Communicate with Modem” message.

I have verified the comport being used in Device Manager and have attempted restarting both the computer and the PR55.

Please advise.


Brad OKeefe

Hi Brad,
did you select the remote device option and entered the remote device MAC address ?


Yes I did, and checked to make sure it was correct. But, I would think even without that option selected the Alpha Station should still be able to connect and identify the wireless modem.

is the modem open in any other program.

I will unplug and plug it back.

does USB light on the modem comes on ?

No, I’ve restarted the computer and the modem. When I plug the USB cable in I see the virtual comport get created. Looking into the modem where the USB is plugged in I see a red light.

USB Led indicates that the usb drivers are installed.

I will recommend doing a factory reset

  1. install XCTU
  2. open the module in xctu ( make sure alpha stations is closed)
  3. upload this PC_Xbee_EY_ENABLE.xpro

That did the trick. Thanks Bhaskar!