Node-Red failing to connect

I have a Vibration/temperature sensor and a Long-Range Wireless Mesh Modem with USB Interface. I am able to connect the modem up to my computer and output the data in the LabVIEW utility downloaded here:

When I try and connect to the sensor through Node-Red I get a warning that says failed to connect and the output terminal looks like:

16 Aug 15:11:57 - [info] Started flows
error: ‘Request timed out without response’,
original: [ 8, 7, 73, 68 ]

When troubleshooting I first tried to download XCTU to configure the modem, but XCTU could not find the modem.
Another weird quirk is that the Rx light on the modem is never turning on, even when the reset button on the sensor is hit the Rx light never flashes.

This makes me wonder if it is an issue with the COM port, which doesn’t totally make sense since I was able to receive data in the LabVIEW utility.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!!

I don’t suppose the labview utility is still open to the modem. If anything is consuming that Serial port then nothing else can access it.

Try closing anything that might connect to the serial port, unplug the modem, plug it back in. See if XCTU can connect to it at this point.

Also can you post the config information for your Modem Node and the Serial Port Node?

I don’t know why, but it randomly started working. I walked away from the laptop for a while and it went to sleep, once I opened Node-Red back up it was connected to the gateway, and XCTU is able to connect to it now.

Hopefully it won’t break again.

Thanks for the quick reply though!