MIRPRO Issue after hours working


I have a MIRPRO pair working but I have an issue after some hours of turned on. Each time I turn on works fine, good signal (4 green blinking leds), but after hours the Sender goes bad, no blinking led (not even red) and a redlight inside, and receiver goes to 3 red blinking led.

I have a Temperature transmitter connected to the send, works without problem until the Sender get stuck and without Status Led, so I don’t know what is going on.

Sender is powered by Battery and Solar Panel, but I took out and powered by a power supply and same issue.


Can you tell if any components in the Sender board are getting hot? It sounds like a voltage regulator is going into thermal shut down. You may need to remove the boards from the enclosure to inspect under operation.

Hi Travis,

I checked but all looks right. Could you tell me what specific componentes I have to check?

I need solve this ASAP, if not our customer will cancel the purchase order of the system, thet are really pushing us to solve this.

I sent you another message as well suggesting that you perform a factory reset to the devices. Can you please attempt that?

I did the factory reset on Saturday, it doesn’t work.

What I did now is swap the base board (power supply circuit, connectors, etc) between sender and receiver. It’s working and I’m waiting for the fail (45 minutes working until now). If the fail is on this base board, the receiver have to fail (because the swap), if not (fail the sender again) the problem is on another component of the sender.

I will keep you updated.

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@TravisE_NCD_Technica fail the Sender again (with the base board swapped). No status led, and receiver with 3 blinking red led.

What is the problem then?

3 flashing LEDs indicates the sender is not able to communicate with the receiver. 1 Red Flash indicates there is a hardware problem with the input board. 2 Red flashes indicates the wireless module is bad. So 3 flashes indicates all hardware on the sender is good but communication with the receiver board cannot be established. This could indicate there is an issue on the receiver board, what is the LED on the receiver doing?


When the problem happens (1-3 hours working), this is the situation:

  • Sender. No status led.

  • Receiver. 3 red blinking led.

Before the problem, Sender and Receiver have 4 green blinking led and no problem with the 4-20mA output.

I swapped the base board between Sender and Receiver (to check you said about hot component on power supply), problem still persist on Sender.

I did factory reset, problem still persist on Sender.

I tried using different power supplies, problem still persist on Sender.

It sounds like there is a hardware failure somewhere. I recommend sending the set of devices in for RMA repair. You can do that by completing the RMA form here:
After completing the RMA form you will receive an email with an RMA ID # and instructions for returning the devices.

@travis is there a way to send data in broadcast mode instead unicast.
if it is i will recommend setting broadcast address in both units.

You could try setting the destination address on both devices to 00:00:00:00:00:00:FF:FF this would force the devices to communicate in broadcast mode rather than unicast.

@TravisE_NCD_Technica I tried setup 00:00:00:00:00:00:FF:FF on both devices but it doesn’t work. Sender with 1 blinking red light, and Receiver with 3 blinking red light

I will prepare the RMA.

Because this is an International Purchase, how about shipment and customs?

Can you send screen shots of the settings you entered in the transmitter and the receiver? They should work with the broadcast address entered.


These are the settings:

I can’t waste more time trying to repair a product that have to works without problem out of the box. Even my problem is not explained on the manual (no status led).

I need a solution.

What happens to the link LEDs when you disconnect the temperature transmitter?

Continues on the same status.

If already failed, Sender led status continue off.

If is working well, Sender led status 4 green blinking led.

Even, when the the Sender fail, I pressed the CFG button and nothing happens (not Blue led).

So, if you power up both modules, with nothing else connected - just power, they stay connected? What I am getting at is if it is possible that the temperature module pulling the power supply down. Maybe you have checked this. Can you post a wiring diagram?

Everything works well on the modules with the transmitter connected or disconnected until 1-4 hours of work. After that, the sender fails and the Sender status led goes off.

I can’t explain better. I have wireless transmission by 1-4 hours, and then, something happens on Sender, and it failed.

I even sent videos to Travis and Bhaskar of the Sender with the Status Led off.

Ok, got it. I agree with Travis. Sounds like a hardware problem. Have you tried to run it without the cover? (Heat problem?)

Yes. I tried run it without the cover, even I changed the base board between Sender and Receiver, but still the Sender fails.

I already sent the RMA request, but I’m not from USA, so it will take time and maybe will be a nightmare send back the items and receive the goods repaired fast.