MicroGateway variables and updates not sending to Ubidots

I have two MQTT gateways talking to Ubidots, but their behavior is inconsistent. The first gateway connected and produced lots of variables. But since its initial connection, has not sent any updates.

The second gateway is connected, but doesn’t show any variables.

Is this “by design” in the NCD MQTT Micro-Gateway? Or should the gateway be indeed sending updates to Ubidots? Any idea why I am not seeing variables in the second gateway?

Thank you for any insight on the NCD side.

Any insights here? My question is twofold:

  1. Do NCD Gateways themselves send messages to the MQTT broker (eg Ubidots)
  2. Shouldn’t these variables show up consistently in the MQTT broker (Ubidots)? I am not sure why one NCD gateway device behaves differently from another.

Tracking here too: NCD Gateway not updating, missing variables - Data management - Ubidots Community

Per Travis at NCD, the gateways send telemetry when they first connect, but they do not send their own telemetry after that.

I will follow up with Ubidots about the inconsistent capturing of device variables.
(NCD Gateway not updating, missing variables - Data management - Ubidots Community)