IOT Edge computer supported Node Red version

Hi, we just got started with a new IOT Edge computer. We are used to work with the latest version of node red on other devices and noticed that the NCD Edge computer came with a pretty old version.

What version can we upgrade to? Are there any limitations on the board/firmware that will not allow us to upgrade to the latest version? If upgrade is possible, can you provide a link with instructions / steps on how to upgrade NodeRed on the NCD devices?

Thank you

the instructions can be found in the product user manual.

The IoT Edge Computer has limited processing capabilities and cannot run the latest version of node-red. It can be upgraded on the IoT Edge Computer a bit. More information in this post:

If you need a later version of Node-Red I would recommend the Enterprise Gateway here:

Thank you Travis your answer was helpful, it is too bad however that we cannot run the latest version in the IOT computer (we did not see this at the time of purchase, quite frankly not sure if it is clearly stated in the NCD.IO website for this product), this limits us as we had planned to use some nodes that are not supported in the NR version of the IOT computer, so now we need to figure outr what to do (rewrite the node…??)

What library are you attempting to install and what are you attempting to accomplish with that library? Usually there is a work around of some sort.

Hi Travis, this is the library we like to use and that is not loadable in the version NR we have on the IOT Edge computer:

Have you tried a previous version of the library? There are several releases here:

I know it’s not ideal but it’s one possible solution.