IoT Edge Computer PR55-36 not recognizing USB to mount

Hello, I received a PR55-36 along with a Temp/Humidity sensor from NCD, these sensors were previously configured at another fulfillment center within our company network, and due to this, had to be factory reset before being used at the new location.

I was able to factory reset the device via the terminal firstboot- y and then rebooting, was able to login to the default Omega-Onion2s+.

I have a USB flashdrive, formatted as FAT32, 8GB of space, the contents contain the NCD.IO github build directory contents, when I insert the usb into the PR55-36 USB slot, nothing happens, no led activity on the USB.

When doing ls -al in the /mnt directory, sda1 cannot be found.

It appears as if my device is not recognizing the usb, but I can confirm the port has power as it was tested with a standard usb charger to confirm the port was working.

Any guidance available?

sda1 will be in the /mnt directory, not the root directory.

Let me get some screenshots for you, it seems as if the USB is not even being recognized, I do not get any activity lights when inserting the usb device on the usb device itself, but I have confirmed that the usb port on the edge computer works as I was able to get a usb charger to charge an external device. I’ll update with screenshots.

Here is a photo of my device.

and then here is a screenshot in the /mnt directory.

We can only go so far in these types of issues in technical support. Perhaps it would simply be better to return the device to us for repair. You can fill out an RMA here:

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

I appreciate your quick response, once I am able to retrieve an order number from our other facility in our company I will get this RMA’d, thanks again!