Industrial IoT Wireless CO2 Temperature Humidity Sensor Calibration


I am building a Testbench composed of several industrial IoT Wireless CO2 Temperature Humidity Sensors. They were placed in a room and close to each other and configured to read on one minute interval. While there was a minor different in the readings from the temperature and humidity sensors, the Co2 sensor’ readings exposed a relatively considerable different.

Any ideas about how to calibrate the sensors so their readings can be relatively close.

The attached image shows the Co2 readings from a Grafana dashboard.
I used nine IoT wireless sensors and their Co2 readings are red framed on the left.

are you using node red ?

Yes, I am using Node-red to read from the sensors using the Micro Mqtt Gateway

node red supports force calibration

You can send the configuration command just like any other command.

  1. Go to sensor config in node res
  2. Select auto cfg
  3. Set the calibration value to 400
  4. Put the gateway node in cfg mode
  5. Put the sensor in cfg mode using cfg and reset button
  6. While calibrating make sure sensor in a clean open environment

The calibration process will take 3 min.

Thank you very much for the response.
Can you elaborate more regarding the connection of the Wi-Fi Micro Gateway for MQTT to the node-red using the Wireless gateway node. I tried but did not work. I connected the gateway to the Raspberry using USB cable and having the node-red installed and running. Moreover, the gateway is run and send data to the node-red using the MQTT.

You will need a USB modem


Thanks a lot for this nice video.