Battery maintenance

First question

I received Energizer L91 on Monday and am using it after replacing the battery in the PR55-61E sensor.
From the 3rd to the 4th, it stayed at 3.28, and on Friday it went from 3.01 to 3.08.
Today, a week later, I checked the battery and it was fluctuating between 2.99 and 3.04.
Is there any other way to make the battery last longer?

Second question

Can you tell at what battery voltage the sensor shuts down?
I read from a post that the sensor turns off when it goes below 1.5V.
that correct?

can you check the radio sleep mode. looks like the radio sleep mode is disabled.
the min voltage is 2.7V

What should I do to Check?

connect the radio module to xctu and check sleep setting.


When connected to xctu from the modem, the power saving mode is set to 0. Yesterday, the battery was maintained at about 2.89. This morning, I saw that the battery had dropped to 1.13.
2023-11-23 132400
And can I find out why the battery percentage is like this?

does the power mode setting says Normal?
can you share a screenshot ?




did you flash any profile in this?
are you using this with Vibration sensor V3 ?
if yes baudrate is 115200 not 9600

Yes, also using the v3 sensor. Is there a reason to use 115200?

that is the defult baudrate for V3 sensors

The If the battery is 1.13
battery percentage is
Is this a number can come out minus?

The true voltage range of any battery pack is 2.7V to 3.6V. when the voltage drops below 2.7V battery should be changed.

Bhaskar sir

We saw the maximum sensor voltage go up to 3.3V.
After a week it drops to 2.7V.
Do I need to replace my batteries every week?
According to the manual, the battery should last at least 2 years.
What’s the problem?

Did you test after changing the baudrate ?
I see you have firmware version 11. can you update to 16?

Also make sure you set the delay value to 0.

It is the same when the transmission speed is 112500.
PR55-61E firmware version 16 is not visible.
Is firmware update possible on XCTU?

no it wont use xctu

Firmware update is not possible because there is no serial USB.

do you have any USB to serial converter ?

I have one more question
Are there any of the materials I sent that drain the battery?
Can you show me what the settings are?

set the delay value to 0.