ZADSSR4x PROXR RS-232 Serial Communication with Terminal PUTTY


I am attempting to use putty to communicate with the above mentioned Relay Board RS-232 with a DB9 connector to a laptop running terminal (PUTTY).

All I am looking to do right now is verify the possibility of using PUTTY instead of the NGD Base software that came with the board. (Integrating into a pre-existing system which will require DB9 serial communication using a remote terminal to give commands/instructions).

I can connect to the board over serial COM1 baud 115200 using the NGD Base software and can open/close relays using the ASCII/API command line. However, I am unable to get a connection to the board using the terminal/Putty, with the same connection characteristics.

Any guidance on getting this working would be greatly appreciated.

Many times with terminal applications what you type into the input field is being sent as a string rather than an array of bytes.

For instance. If you enter in Putty FE,6C,01 which should turn on relay 1 what putty is actually sending is not an array of 3 bytes but rather 8 characters ‘F’,‘E’,',‘6’… Make sure the Terminal application is set to send Hex formatted bytes, not ASCII strings. You can use COMM Operator to experiment with this instead of Putty. It is available by clicking the MORE button on the window where you select the COM port and baud rate in Base Station.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m unable to communicate with the terminal at all currently. It hangs on any attempt to communicate through the DB9 port. I cannot enter any commands. Though I am able to connect to that same port / baud with the provided software. I wasn’t sure if there was a missing driver that might be needed that is packaged with the NGD Base software?

Thanks again.

Keep in mind only one software application can connect to a Serial port at a time. You must close Base Station before connecting using another application.

I have tried turning off NGD Base, restarting the computer after doing so. Uninstalling CGD Base, and restarting, and reinstalling putty and restarting. No dice yet. Still unable to establish a connection with Putty to the relay board.

Did you try COMM Operator in Base Station?

Have you contacted Putty for technical support?

Last I checked putty only supports sending ascii characters which won’t work as these devices expect a byte array and not all bytes have ascii equivalents.

Com operator would be your easiest terminal program as it started as a software for our relay controllers.

Outside of that I generally use Hercules when I use Windows as it has a hex option when sending data.