Xbee Pro Relay S1

I am using the Xbee Pro S1 Relays for controlling outdoor lighting, we are using a total of 6 relays, and I am having an issue with one of the relays where it is randomly and continuously turning on and off all the time.

I have replaced the cabling and moved the relays closer together. Do you have any further ideas as to what could be causing this issue and how to resolve it?


Can you be more specific on the product you have? We actually sell multiple relay controller products which have XBee Pro S1 modules installed in them. If you can provide an online order number or just a photo of the board(s) that should work.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis,

Does this picture help you identify the exact part?


That appears to be a 1 channel transmitter board, however it could control relays on a MirW receiver or it could be one board in a MirC set. Any way you could also post a photo of the receiver relay board?


I have attached a couple pictures of the receiver relay board.

I have also included a picture of a new Xbee Pro module that I was going to replace for this relay but can not get it to sync together, maybe you have some thoughts?

Could you call me to discuss these issues at 281-881-2234

OK, what you have is a MirCR120. It’s a 1 channel MirC wireless pair with a 20 amp relay on the receiver.

Generally the first thing I recommend is to bring the two units close together to see whether or not they work. if they work in close proximity then you have a range issue which could be rectified using the long range 2 mile module you have in the photo above. If you purchased that module as a paired set from us then they will just plug right into the two boards and start working. Once again for initial testing after installing the new modules make sure the boards are close together to eliminate range as a possible issue.

Did you purchase those XBEE Pro S3B modules from us? Did you purchase them as a paired set or did you just order two S3B modules from our site? The modules do have to be paired in order to work which requires configuration software and a USB modem. Let me know exactly where and how you purchased those S3B modules.

We did pruchase all of it directly from you, the order number for the new S3B module is Order 287401. Cant see where it states if its paired or not


Ok, it looks like you purchased generic unconfigured wireless XBee modules. Those will not work by default in that pair of boards. Settings must be configured in the modules to make them work in that product.

In order to configure the modules you will need a way to connect them to your computer such as this USB modem we offer:

Other companies sell similar products.

Alternatively you can ship the modules back to us and we can configure them for you at no charge. If you would like to do that then just ship them to:
National Control Devices
430 Market St
Osceola Mo 64776

In the shipment include a note that says “Please configure these modules for use in a pair of MirC boards”. They should be able to get that done for you in 1 business day and we do cover UPS ground for return shipping(be sure to include your return shipping address in the shipment as well).

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott