Xbee and Particle Photon


I am trying to test Xbee communications with a particle photon. I currently have the xbee adapter from NCD shown here: https://store.ncd.io/product/xbee-overlay-shield-adapter-for-particle-photon-and-particle-electron/

What other components will I need to test Xbee comms on a Particle Photon? The above board is just an adapter, right? I will need to also purchase a module to connect to it? Will I need another module at my computer? Like an Xbee usb dongle?

In summary, I have the Photon and the above adapter. I would like help picking the rest of the components that I would need to test the xbee communications.

You will need this these two parts

  1. Xbee for Particle
  2. Xbee router for the PC