Wiring up a speaker to the R15PL_KEYFOB

I’m looking to wire up a basic piezo speaker to the R15PL_KEYFOB w/ the end goal being whenever a key fob is pressed/activated, the speaker beeps. I’ve got the programming set so that the circuit closes when the key fob button is held down. I can hear the relay click when it’s suppose to. The trouble I’m having is getting the speaker to produce sound. I tried simply wiring the speaker to N.O. & COM: no luck. Seems like I might be missing some kinda power source for the speaker. Is there anything on board that’ll power the speaker? Should I wire it up differently?


You’d want to wire the speaker up to the normally open side of the relay.

There isn’t a source of power on the board that I would recommend using for this and different piezo speakers require different power supplies to function properly.