Wiring Diagram Industrial IoT Wireless Contact Closure Input Sensor


I’m designing a solution for a Contact closure sensor. But before purchasing this device, I would like to see the wiring diagram about how to connect Industrial IoT Wireless Contact Closure Input Sensor with my dry contact sensor, there’s any information on the manual page.


Hi, connection info can be found in the manual
M12 Connection
Pin Number Description Cable Wire
1 IO2 Brown
2 3.3V White
3 IO1 Blue
4 COM Black
5 NC Gray

You will connect a dry contract input between COM and input 1

Thanks Anil,

I was wondering if with this configuration I need to add a power supply and a resistor for the dry contact switch. Like this:

My question is, INPUT 1 already has a pulldown or pull up resistor? can I use number two pin for power supply my dry contact sensor?

No you dont need to add any power or pull-ups. The devices already have both.