Wiring 2 wires push button to IoT Long Range Wireless Production Counter Transmitter

Hi guys,
First thing first, I’m new with the product from NCD…
I’d like to know if there’s a way to connect a 2 wires push buttons to the M12 5p connector, like this one:


I’ll there a way to only get a count to test it with this setup?

connect this between white and blue wires of the cable or M12 connector 2 and 3.

Thanks to you for the quick answer. I can now have a count but it seem to be increase by 50.
Is there a way to change that in Alpha Station (for now) ?

i dont think alpha station supports it. You can XCTU to send raw commands.
@jacob can we ad this feature in node red

For now it seems to be the same thing in Node-Red…
Maybe i forgot something, but I don’t really understand the point to get a count only every 50 pulses…

it sends data in two cases

  1. pulses count after a fixed defined threshold
  2. pulses after a fixed defined interval

Hi Anil,
Perfect, so where those defined interval or threshold can be change ?

yes, both are user configurable.
the interval setting is called the delay in node-red.
@jacob is working on adding the fixed threshold setting in node-red, device already supports this

Thanks Anil!
It works now!