Wireless Water Detect Sensor does not seem to work


I want to use an Industrial IoT Wireless Water Detect Sensor in a leak detection project.

Unfortunately, when I immerse the sensor in water, the values of the 2 inputs remain at 0.

Any idea what could be causing this? Any idea of a test I could do?

Here is the Node-Red configuration :

Here is the Node-Red result:

Thank you in advance for your help.

Is it filtered water ?


No. It’s unfiltered tap water.


Your test setup is correct.
On the water sensor there 4 contact points. what if you short two of these using a wire ?
see if you get message.

This way I get 1 on input 1

I tried putting a little table salt in the water to increase conductivity. It did nothing…


I was the one who tested this before shipping.
Just for testing – What if you put it on a damp paper towel and put some pressure on it ?

I rolled up a paper towel and moistened it with tap water. Then I pressed it between the two poles of input 1, then the 2 poles of input 2. Still no data

When you tested it, was it with tap water?


Yes, we tested with tap water. One of new tester was testing with filtered water and it was not working, that’s when i got involved with testing.

i will have them test one more unit tomorrow.


Thank you Bhaskar. I look forward to hearing from you on that.


We tested couple of units and both worked as expected.
i see that it sends data when you short using a wire.
can you share a picture of the main board and see if i can find something odd.

Here’s the picture


form what i can tell all looks good. we will send you a replacement unit.


Thank you very much Bhaskar :slight_smile:

Following our last exchanges I was able to test the replacement sensor you sent me. I carried out the same tests as with the old sensor. To my great surprise, the result was the same. The sensor works perfectly well when 2 of its poles are jumped. However, the sensor doesn’t register any change and continues to send 0 when soaked in water.

I have no doubt that you’ve done some good testing of your own. On the other hand, I’m completely mystified by the way the sensors work when used with our water. Is it possible that the water you use for your tests is more conductive than our water? If so, is it possible to calibrate the sensor to make it more sensitive?

Thank you in advance for any clues that may help us make progress with this sensor.

There is no calibration. it simply checks the conductivity between two point.

What if you a pinch of slat in the water and rerun a test ?

Where are you planning to use it ?

Hello Bhaskar.

Sorry for the delay. I was out of the office. I tested with salted water and it worked. Only with input 2. Input 1 did not react. Anyway, the important thing is that at least one of the 2 inputs works. So, based on this, how can I make the sensor work with the drinking water we have here?