Wireless USB Modem Product Manual

I am looking for the product manual for the Wireless USB Modem. Where do I find it on the web site?

I dont think we ever had one. this is a fairy straight forward device. all it does is convert wireless data into sub and viceversa.
The baudrate is 115200.

@Anil_Bhaskar attached is a screen shot from the FAQ stating to look at the product’s manual. I spent an hour looking for the product’s manual. I hope the rest of the web site is not as confusing.

The FAQ is for sensor. Modems are simply data converters

The only thing you may have to do, if the device does not mount as a COM/Serial port on the PC, is to install this driver:

Once mounted software can connect to that COM/Serial port and receive data.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you