Wireless to Ethernet Modem

I am successfully using a PR55-17B Ethernet Modem to collect data from several sensors. Is it possible to have more than 1 client connection to the modem?

Thank you.

Anyone have any thoughts on this??

@travis1 do you happen know if its possible

If I remember right the Ethernet adapter IC on that device supports up to 8 simultaneous clients. I will need to test to confirm however.

I apologize we did not see this request sooner.

Any followup information on this?

I just tested one of our new Ethernet interface modules(NCD5500) with two simultaneous TCP clients and it appears to work no problem.

My modem has the lantronix xport interface XP1001000-05R Rev.C12. Any way you can test that one?

Does it say Lantronix XPort on top of it or does it say Lantronix XPort Pro?

It just says Lantronix XPort.

That modem will only support one TCP client connection at a time.

If I bought a new modem would it support more than one client?


Yes, the new Ethernet modem will support multiple client connections.

HI Travis…I bought a new modem but I cannot attach with more than one client. Is there a setting somewhere for max # Clients? Attaching a Pic of my new modem.