Wireless temp & humidity monitoring system

Regarding the industrial IoT temperature & humidity sensor type, how can I monitor my measurements? Is by a software? Or there is a main monitoring panel? Did I need GateWay device to complete my system requirements ? keep in mind that I need minimally 8-10 sensors to be connected together in one system, can you provide me the suitable design (hardware & software)? further to delivering period to Iraq-Erbil with the prices? Keep in mind that the system should be WIRELESS SYSTEM.

Furthermore, please provide me the official authorized distributor in the middle east information,


You will need a gateway device to monitor the sensors. I recommend this Enterprise gateway:

This Gateway runs an application on board called Node-Red. Using Node-Red dashboard you can build a web interface dashboard which can be viewed by an computer or phone to see the temperature readings. I have an article here explaining how this is possible, and how to even view the dash board over a remote internet connection:

All sensors can be connected to just one Gateway if they are all in the same area. The long range wireless connection from the sensors to the gateway has a range of 2 miles(clear line of site) or 1000 feet for obstructed installations(indoor).

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Travis Elliott


well noted, many thanks,
please provide distributor or partners contacts if any in middle east !!

tech.query: 1-can we connect 2 gateways to one system? and be monitored through the same interface and dashboard??
2-is the interface monitoring program free charge? or there is annual subscription ?

kindly provide me the answers as soon as possible specially the distributor or partners info.

We do not have a distributor in the Middle East, however we ship there directly so you can order directly from https://store.ncd.io

Each Gateway hosts its own dashboard. These dashboards can be viewed individually. Viewing data from multiple gateways on a single dashboard would required a cloud service of some type which would require a monthly fee. If this is something you are interested in I would highly recommend ubidots.com. We have some articles on that here:
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