Wireless System to Bridge RS485 cable

Hello. I’m and electrical power engineer trying to incorporate a wireless control system rather than direct RS485 cables. We have a series of pads that use RS485 cable to control nearby PV trackers. The pads are connected with fiber optic cable. We want to replace the fiber optic with a RS485-to-wireless-to-RS485. Could NCD provide a material list to accomplish this. Is it possible to use one RS485 cable to wireless transmitter to control 5 wireless receivers to RS485 cable? Note the control system uses a master controller tied to the WIFI and the trackers use slaves controlled by the master.

the wireless to rs485 we have is for 2 wire not 4 wire.

We are only using 2 wires (one pair) of the RS485 cable to each Tx.

I will recommend following part

USb modem for configuring the nodes

OK. So the Master uses the USB Modem and the Slaves use the Converter?

no use modem is just for configuration.
the PR55-34 can be connected to master side as well as it slave side.

All it does is replaces wired RS485 connection into wireless connection.

Hello. Is this true of your system?

the ncd config modem is only needed if you need to change any settings.
reset looks good.