Wireless Sensor


I would like to implement IOT solution to my pumps and motor.

I would like to have

  1. Transmitter for the 4-20mA sensor (Flowmeter, Pressure, Vibration)

  2. Wirelessly transmit this data

  3. Visualization through Grafana Dashboard

Some doubts.

  1. List item

  2. How the transmitter able to send the signal to, is inside has the communication of wireless 2.4 Ghz

  3. Do i need to have a gateway for this.

  4. Is inside the transmitter has the zigbee

  5. How to program the interface of changing the logging interval and sample date


Thank you for your interest in our products. I have answered your questions accordingly below.

  1. I would recommend one of our 4-20mA input devices here for what you’ve described:

  2. The wireless interface between these 4-20mA input devices and the Gateway will be 900 mhz which works well in obstructed installations.

  3. Yes you will need a gateway. I would recommend this MQTT Gateway which can publish the data to an MQTT broker:

  4. These devices operate on the DigiMesh protocol at a frequency of 900 mhz.

  5. The 4-20mA input devices can be configured for different intervals using the WEB UI on the MQTT Gateway. This is covered in this brief article:
    Sensor Configuration Using Micro Gateways - ncd.io

I would recommend taking a look at this article I found which explains how to get data from an MQTT broker to Grafana which I am not personally experienced with:

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis,

Thanks for your recommendation.

May I ask, should i select 2 Ch Industrial IOT wireless as my solution ?
Actually in 1 pump I have few sensor to hook up: 2 Pressure, 2 Vibrations, 2 Temperature. 1. Do I need a couple or 2 Channel or you have multiple channels.

  1. Is there a power supply from receiver to power the sensor ?

  2. What is the different of Industrial IOT Long range current Loop Vs receiver , Industrial IOT Bs IOT Long range Receiver.

For the Gateway:

  1. Is there a built in program to allow ease of use for this gateway
  2. Do I need 3D or fast internet for this gateway
  3. Is the gateway prerequisite is internet connection ?
  4. Can we display the real time date offline to the laptop ?