Wireless RS485 Device and Mode Selection

Please help select device and operating mode for my application.

I have a few different enterprise sensors that communicate to an Enterprise IIoT Gateway. On the gateway I use Node Red to parse the data, package it up in a new format, and ship it out.

I want to add some additional sensors that happen to be RS485 Modbus (not NCD/DigiMesh), and I want to transmit that data wirelessly to Node Red on the Gateway (preferably through the integrated DigiMesh receiver module) so I can process them as I do my other sensors.


  1. Which of these devices should I choose (or something else)?
  2. What ‘mode’ would be appropriate for parsing registers in node red?
  3. Do you have documentation for this?

You will need this one

auto encoder version.
here is a node red flow

Thanks Bhaskar. This helps.
I think I have some follow up questions, but I want to spend a bit more time thinking about it first.

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Okay. Had a closer look at the flow. I think this makes sense.

So on the description tab for that product, where it indicates that “This version is NOT supported by our Node-Red Drivers”, it just means that there is no NCD Node for this device type. We have to manually construct the data in a function block, pipe it to the Gateway and then watch for the response.

Looks like the outgoing msg.payload.address is set to the address of the target 485 to wireless converter device?

correct there is no node for this. You will have to create a message using function ( just like the example flow) and sent it to using wireless gateway node