Wireless relay control question


I am looking for a product to help do the following.

I need to control two 1/4inch motorized ball valves. I need the remote to have 3 buttons on it. When I push button 1 I need only the number 1 ball valve to open. When I push button 2, valve 1 needs to close and valve 2 needs to open. When I push button 3 ball valve 2 needs to close, valve number 1 should be closed at this time also.

Also I want the remote to have an led light on it that confirms the valve is open without being able to see it.

The remote needs to have several hundred feet of range and needs to work even if you can’t see it.

The ball valves I use are 2 wire auto return. So 12v applied to the valve they are on. 12v taken away the valve closes.

The relay needs to be power by 12v


Can you provide a data sheet on the ball valve? Specifically what I need to know is how it is controlled. Does it open when power is applied, then close when power is disconnected or does it have two coils, one to drive it open and the other to drive it closed?

If it is spring loaded then this relay controller with 2 relays will do what you need:

It can be purchased with a 3 button remote. During check out you can write a message in the Order Notes field. Write in there the description of how you need the board to operate, our production staff will program it for you and ship it to you ready to use.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thank you for the reply.

When 12v is applied to the valve it opens. When 12v is taken away it closes. It’s an auto return valve. I have included the Amazon link. Let me know if the part you recommended is still what you think I will need.

Also does the remote that comes with it have lights on it to tell if the message was received from the remote? Could you include a picture of the 3 button remote?

Hi John,

Yes, I would still recommend that relay controller for what you have described.

No, the remote does not have status LEDs on it. We do not have a solution for that.

This is the 3 button remote:

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thank you for all the good information. Would it be possible to get a remote from a different company that has light on it and pair it to your guys receiver?

Hi John,

No, to my knowledge this is not possible with the transceiver ICs used in this design. That type of two way communication would require a very specific electronic design. Also keeping an LED on the transmitter fob illuminated would very quickly drain the batteries in the remote.

If you are looking for more of a stationary transmitter device which would control the receiver and it could be connected to constant power then you could use something like the MirC series such as this product:

If you have any questions on this please let me know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott