Wireless Receiver Options


I’m working on a project that will consist of a variety of wireless sensors (about 20 total). The data will be collected by our edge hardware. I’m looking at what would be the best wireless receiver. Our hardware can support modbus tcp or mqtt. I’d prefer to connect the receiver via ethernet.

It looks like the ethernet modem does not support modbus and the mqtt gateway is wifi only. Is there another product that would work? I saw in some previous posts that you were working on a modbus tcp receiver in 2020, but I don’t see it as a product.

I’d like to avoid the enterprise gateway and edge computer as we would then have to support the software on another device.


we do the modbus RTU modem but not over TCP/IP.

The Enterprise Gateway here has an Ethernet interface and supports MQTT:

It also runs Node-Red on board which has Modbus libraries available, so you could look into that as well.

Thanks for the suggestions, as I motioned I’d like to avoid the enterprise gateway as then we would have to support code on another device.

I think my best bet is to go with the MQTT gateway over wifi.