Wireless ON-OFF signal transmission

I have NCD Type K temperature sensors which are wirelessly connected to Mega modem. Now i am looking for a another NCD product which can send me wireless signal, when 240 V power is applied. I want to receive this signal to my existing mega-modem. so that i can see the status of the equipment on Node-red dashboard. Imagine i am operating a burner and want to capture the status of the burner i.e. ON or OFF.
Also Is it possible to generate audible sound on computer when burner changes it’s status from ON to OFF? Let me know if there is specific node for that.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


For that I would recommend monitoring current consumption to tell if the burner is drawing power or not so one of these devices should work with your existing Mega Modem:

Software on the computer should be able to make an audible sound but I should mention NCD is not a software developer.

Thank you,