Wireless Gateway Node on UART Serial

I’m running NodeRed on top of Balena OS on a Raspberry Pi 4. I’m having trouble getting the Wireless Gateway node in ncd-red-wireless-2 to operate on the built in UART serial ports. The Wireless Gateway node appears to fail to open the port. I can build a flow to send and receive traffic over a simple serial node on the same port, so I know the port itself is functional in NodeRed.

The ncd-gateway-config node options do show “USB (Serial)” as the modem type, but is there something about the Gateway node that actually expects only USB serial devices?

Hi, this is a known node-red serial port lib bug. Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for it ( the node-red serial port was built by someone else, so out of our control).
We are working on a way to remove dependency on this lib.


Additionally you should check that nothing else is consuming that serial port. Delete any config nodes that may be implementing serial comms to that port through node-red’s packet manager and restart node-red.

Thanks for the replies. Doesn’t appear to be a config collision. I can drop node-red-node-serialport nodes into my existing flows and they’ll read and write without trouble. And I can wipe out everything but ncd-gateway-node and its config and it still fails to connect.

If it’s a known issue, I probably won’t bother digging too much further. Is there any idea on timeline for working around this dependency?