Wireless Door Open Closed Sensors

I’m hoping that you can help me select hardware and software that are appropriate for my project, so that I can order some hardware and start exploring.

I need to quickly put together a system that will detect and record the opening of machine access panels. Instead of sending an alarm when a door is opened, we want to store the information in a format that our applications can digest and use to restrict the types of operations that can be performed by machine until it can be inspected and approved for normal use. The purpose will be to protect product quality rather than for safety.

My current outline for this is to use multiple door open/close sensors PR55-1G_1S all talking to a single wireless USB modem PR55-17A, with software running on Windows 10 and based on a modified version of one of your examples (Alpha Station? Labview example? Other?)

Can you please correct me if I’m mistaken, and possibly provide a quick sketch of the software components you recommend that I investigate?

Thanks in advance

The hardware you picked is ideal.
On the software side, you should use node-red.