Wired Connection Edge Computer with PC

I bought a IoT edge computer “NCD Industrial IoT Edge Computer LTE Cellular Wi-Fi Ethernet” without cellular data communication and some sensors(Vibration+Temperature and Current).
I just received an email from my company that the edge computer uses 2.4GHz and that may be interferenced with the plant WIFI since the plant uses 2.4GHz WIFI. So We’d like to use a wire to connect the edge computer with laptop to configure and to send data to AWS cloud DB. And also we have to turn the WIFI off of the edge computer.
So here are two questions, 1. What wire should I buy to connect the edge computer with laptop?(like using usb). 2. How can I turn the WIFI off of the edge computer?
Thank you for your help!

Are you wanting to run a script on the computer to ingest and convert telemetry from the wireless sensors? Could you connect the IoT Edge Computer to an Ethernet port for connection to the network?

Through the Network Tab on the IoT Edge Computer you can turn off WiFi. Soft AP will still be there but as long as nothing is connected to it there is no traffic so there would not be any interference. Just the occasional SSID broadcast.

Warning. Read all the way to the end of this post before doing anything.

If you just want to turn WiFi off on the IoT Edge computer open the terminal interface as explained in the user guide. In the terminal enter:
vi /etc/config/wireless
You can edit some settings here. Once you see the file on your screen press i on your keyboard to enable editing. Find

config wifi-device 'radio0'
     option disabled '0'

Change that to:

config wifi-device 'radio0'
     option disabled '1'

Next find:

config wifi-iface 'ap'
     option disabled '0'

Change that to:

config wifi-iface 'ap'
     option disabled '1'

Press esc on your keyboard. Now enter :wq and press enter.
You should now be back at the terminal. Enter reboot in the terminal.

After the IoT Edge Computer reboots the Soft AP and STA WiFI will be disabled. Keep in mind the only way to access configuration fo the device at this point is to connect it to an Ethernet Network which supports DHCP.

Thank you for your answer.
1, I cannot access to the dashboard page( even tho I connect Ethernet port to the Edge computer if I disconnect the Edge computer’s WIFI while my PC is also being connected to the Ethernet port.
2, So if the interference is the only one reason that I want to turn the WIFI off, then you meant I don’t need to turn that off right?

The IoT Edge Computer is a network connected device. It should be connected to a network, not directly to your computer. Try connecting the IoT Edge Computer via Ethernet to your network, then connect your computer to that same network. Then you can disable the WiFi as documented above.

The connection via IP is only applicable if you have your computer connected via the IoT Edge Computer’s WiFi Soft AP.

Thank you for your explanation.

I connected the edge computer by Ethernet cable, and also I connected my computer by another Ethernet cable but those are in the same internet modem. But I cannot connect to the NCD dashboard by using and my home ipaddress(the second line of edge computer’s OLED). But when I connect my computer to the internet by using WIFI of my internet modem(not edge computer’s WIFI), I can access to the ipaddress of my home internet.
There is no way to access the dashboard by using only two ethernet cables, right?

If your computer and the IoT Edge Computer are connected to the same router. You will see an IP address on the little screen next to Ethernet. That is the IoT Edge Computer’s IP on the network. Now if you enter that IP address into your computer’s browser you should be able to access the IoT Edge Computers dashboard.

Alternatively if you connect your computer via WiFi to the IoT Edge Computer network, and then enter the Soft AP IP address into your browser( then you can access the dashboard that way.

Thank you! So much helpful