Will setting roll/pitch angle threshold disable the regular sampling/sending out the data

Hi. For the product - Industrial IoT Wireless Tilt and Inclinometer Sensor, appreciated if my questions could be answered.

I know the sensor in default will be sending data on regular basis. When I am looking for any other mode - triggering mode. I found url

  1. Set Roll Angle Threshold
    This command can be used to set roll angle threshold. For example if this value is set to 1 then the sensor will sends wireless transmission contains all sensor info every time sensor roll tilts by 1′.

Question 1: When I set the roll angle / roll angle threshold to 1, will the regular data sending mode be disabled? Or the sensor will still be sending data on regular interval(no matter what the value of angle is). Just wanna know how will the sensor be working when the angle is less than 1 and it’s time to send the data out.

Question 2: If the answer is yes - the regular data sending mode will be disabled when threshold is set. Is there any heartbeat could be set to make sure the sensor is still alive and keep checking the angle.


The sensor will continue to send transmissions at the programmed interval even when “interrupt driven” transmissions are triggered. The same is true for pretty much all sensors in this line of products which have interrupt driven events.