WiFi & XBee antennas

Background: We will use the “8 Channel ADC ProXR Lite” to control HVAC units on the roof (RTUs). The ProXR itself needs to sit INSIDE the metal equipment enclosure. We intend to mount a waterproof antenna on the outside of the metal enclosure to ensure reliable communication with central unit, about 60’ away through 3 walls/floors. (starting with 4 at this site, more later)
Q1 – Does the “WiFi Bluetooth USB 3 in 1 Module with MQTT Support” module support an external antenna with a standard TS-9 or SMA connector? The pictures seem to indicate no. We prefer this because we already have a WiFi 2.4 secure infrastructure for other devices. Weatherproof antennas are widely available.
Q2 – For the “XBee-Pro® Communications Module” we assume we could find a waterproof SMA 900mhz antenna. This would then require a $200+ modem or gateway.
Q3 – For the “Industrial IoT Wireless to Ethernet Modem” the spec page says “We are currently updating our libraries to include this device, full Node-Red Support coming soon”, but a recent topic indicates it is available now. Please clarify.
– Kirk

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  1. The WiFi module used in the ProXR products unfortunately does not support an external antenna. You could possibly use a WiFi module from a third party vendor however such as this module:XB2B-WFST-001 Digi | RF and Wireless | DigiKey
    This would require a USB modem used to configure the module. We offer those here:

  2. Correct.

  3. Yes, you can control ProXR devices through Node Red using the Ethernet modem. There is a sample Node-Red flow available here which demonstrates how this works:
    GitHub - ncd-io/node-red-flow-proxr-relay-1-sample: Sample for controlling ProXR relay 1 through Digi Mesh

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