WiFi version + ProXRLite 8 base station access

Status: we are accessing all 4 ProXRLite with WiFi module successfully with the HTTP commands. The following 2 items concern us but seem not to affect that HTTP control

1. WiFi module
We previously said the MAC addresses & default names indicated different revisions. Should we / is there a way to update downrev modules before we deploy next week? We won’t want to do that once they’re installed in HVAC units on customer roof.

2. Base station access
Base station detects all 4 & lists them under “Discovered network devices” with MAC address & name we’ve given them (except 132).

  • Double clicking on a row brings up WiFi config in browser - nice. But .132 (only) above shows the Soft AP password instead of the name we gave it!
  • On first testing - Click the “Discovered” button and select 130, 131 in list & click ok - the device window comes up but said “Device identification failed” – but now they are ok
  • Same clicking for all 4 now - new window lists control panels
    • but clicking “device configuration” on left or “relay command set” in control panel list just hangs the window - have to click the red X.
    • Even clicking on green “run mode” then on “switch to config mode for 120 sec” hangs. But that window is reading the jumper correctly - it reports config mode on the board we changed the jumper.
    • “device identification” brings up window but all rows are “–” or “n/a”

Thanks as always.

As we said, commands via HTTP are working.

But first bullet under #2 still happening, concerned about module version.

Note: we are ordering another WiFi module (for continued testing after the 4 are deployed). We will test this one for the above & tell you results.

Thanks for your help.