WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for use with AWS stops send data after an hour


We recently purchased WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for use with AWS (WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for use with AWS®) and set it up using the official guide.

But the sensor works unstable: it stops sending data to our AWS account after an hour.

It will continue to send the data if we unplug it from the external power and then turn it on again. But next, we will see the same issue: just about an hour - and it will stop sending data.

Here is the screenshot from AWS IoT Monitor:

Could you please help?


I checked another sensor - it works the same way.

Note: when the sensor stops sending the data, the onboard RGB LED indicator starts to glow green constantly. Instead of blinking green.

Could you advise?


I will setup a test and look into this today.

I was able to replicate the issue you are seeing. Looking into it now. Once resolved I will provide instructions to update firmware on your devices.

Thank you, Travis! Will wait for the update


I just did some testing with some firmware changes and the connection appears to now be stable. Try updating the firmware on your devices using these instructions:

Let me know what you find.

Thanks, Travis!

I’ve just updated the firmware. Will let you know about the results

Hello, Travis!

We still have some issues with sensors stability.

One of them works well since firmware updating.

But two others stop sending data from time to time. In some cases, the onboard RGB LED indicator starts to glow green constantly. In others, there is no green light at all.

Can you help, please?


@TravisE_NCD_Technica do you have a watchdog timer ?
I have a timer in some sensors which clears every time a successful transmission takes place.
if counter timer > 3* data transmission interval i issue a reboot.

The processor checks WiFi connection on loop, and if that passes it checks MQTT connection, if either connection breaks then the WiFi connection is recycled. This has been very reliable for a long time.

The issue with the modules you have was our supplier provided a new version of the processor which required changing the platform version in the firmware. The issue this caused was very quick to occur and the update to the new framework for the new version corrected the issue immediately. I would recommend attempting to update those other 2 devices one more time to see if the issue is resolved after that. If not please let me know.

Thank you,