Which product to start with? (Relays / platform)

This is my first post, so hopefully it’s in the right place.

I want to use IFTTT to control ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators) based on CO2 sensors (currently using Air Things View Plus for CO2), but I am not sure which product to start with, so hoping to get a suggestion.

I really like the expandable sensor and control platforms that you have available here.

So, to start with, I only need a 2-channel relay. The ERVs have 120v AC for power (only a few amps), and a 24v dry contact for “boost” mode. So one relay could turn the whole unit on and off, and one could control boost mode. This would be enough to do basic response to CO2 levels.

  • It would also be helpful if this could measure power consumption, but I can do that separately if needed.

Now later on, this could be more sophisticated. Some examples:

  • The device has two ECM fans that are controlled via manual potentiometers, I think it might be 0-10v but I am not sure. If I could control those, then I could adjust the fan proportionally not just in response to CO2, but also to compensate as the filter clogs over time, that sort of thing.
  • Static pressure - These units are calibrated with a differencing monometer, it has taps for measuring the pressure drop across the heat exchange core. If I had pressure sensors installed, I could control this with software, it has a chart that allows you to convert the static pressure difference into CFM.
  • Temperature, humidity - measuring these on the intakes and outputs (two outside and two inside), I could use these to adjust parameters depending on the differences between inside and outside air conditions.
  • VOCs, PM, etc. (air quality) - turn the unit off if say smoke is detected outside, or a skunk is in the area to prevent drawing that air into the house.

So, the question is, which product do I start with that could do the two relays today, but add modules for the other sensors I want to add later to add the other functionality? I want to start with the right product now, so that as I invest the time in understanding how it works, I can advance as I go.

Thank you very much


Sorry, we no longer offer IFTTT devices. They were based on Particle Photon modules but Particle discontinued compatibility with IFTTT.

The only solution available now is to write firmware for an ESP32 module which works with IFTTT. This however will require some experience with programming in C/C++

Oof, that’s rough, I am starting to think IFTTT might not be the best way to go here. I posted the same question on the IFTTT forums and Reddit, and nobody seemed to know the answer.

I saw that some of your products offered IFTTT firmware, but I did not know that it would require additional C/C++ programming to use it.

Damn, back to square one, thanks for the information.

I suppose then that the only alternative within your scope is that I would have to use some of your CO2 monitors because there would not be a way to interface with the monitors or thermostats (Ecobee) that I have, would this be correct?


You could use our enterprise series products to do everything. Co2, Temperature, Current monitoring, and relay control. However this sounds like it could possibly be a personal project so that may be out of the budget. I would estimate the cost of all hardware to be around $1500-$1800. If you’re still interested and this could go to larger scale let me know and I can put a cart together for you and explain the bits and pieces.

Thank you,