Which "Configuration" for 900HP-S3B Long Range Wireless Mesh Modem with USB Interface

I love how this is so complicated, yet all the information seems like it’s easy peasy… lol … I read that these 4-20mA sensors are “Open” and easy to add to any network … and … blah blah blah. BUT, after purchasing 2 of them, and of course I can’t see them on my network, I have now spent several hours researching to realize I need to buy more hardware from NCD… OK… GREAT ! Just when you think someone FINALLY has an Open market product to use… ahhhhh Well… that’s just how it is. NOW, I figured out that I need to buy a 900HP-S3B Long Range Wireless Mesh Modem with USB Interface, to talk to it… but there is a “configuration” question at the end to purchase and I don’t know which to buy. I’ve searched, here, for an answer and the only one I have found is very specific to what that person is doing and still doesn’t let me know which configuration. So please let me know which one??? I have my own mesh network with my own Gateway that I developed but don’t want to develop sensors… So to add one of these to my network, which I program in XCTU with my own code, which of the two configurations do I need so I can connect to the sensors I’ve purchased and program them to match my network?

I am not sure which products do you have.

If you have one of the wireless product. You will definitely need a Modem, gateway or a Digi 900HP module to receive data.
We have a few options to collect data.

  1. USB modem
  2. RS232 Modem
  3. RS485 Modem
  4. Ethernet Modem

If you are looking into this modem

select API compatible to communicate with ncd enterprise product line.

This modem simply converts wireless data in serial data.

Let me know if you have any questions

THANK YOU ! … :slight_smile: I have a Gateway that uses LTE-M Cellular on the same PCB as a 900HP. When I do discovery with it (900HP part) I don’t see the sensor. It is a 4-20mA PR55-48, so I took the 900 out of the sensor and put it on my XCTU

board to get and match the settings for my network, CM|ID etc… I can’t read the board at all. I’m assuming it is “fused”, but I don’t know ?? But thank you for the information, I was just getting kinda tired of reading through stuff that I thought would not be necessary to make this work… But hey… I get lazy…

You’re going to have to make sure that your 900HP DigiMesh module has the correct configuration to communicate with the sensor. The biggest thing is that Encryption is enabled and the key for that encryption needs to be set to 55AA55AA55AA55AA55AA55AA55AA55AA
This is the configuration we load into our Modem 900HP modules to work with the sensors.
PC_Xbee_EY_ENABLE.xml (2.7 KB)

Another thing to keep in mind is our sensor devices are battery powered. This means we cannot keep the XBee module on at all times so discovery may not work unless you force the sensor to send a transmission while you are trying to discover modules.

Our devices are absolutely 100% open so you absolutely can use them with any modem you want as long as it has a 900HP DigiMesh module and the settings are configured correctly to be compatible with our sensors.


Also I’d be very interested to hear more about your project using a cellular gateway.

Which one are you using and where are you sending the data received by the sensors?

If your gateway runs Python then you might find our sensor parsing library here useful:

You are very likely my new HERO ! My company, a start up is OpenAir Solutions, LLC and I currently partner with another company, and we provide full SCADA, I know it’s old school, but it’s appropriate :slight_smile: to a couple of companies for their engine powered & a couple of electric powered compressors. We read and write to their various controllers and display all their data on their website that we provide to them. We are running Python and we are using 3 different Digi cellular modules, same form factor as the 900HPs, but I’ve also developed a couple of Digital and Analog IO devices with their SX series (SMT) 900s. We also do Satellite, and 3 or 4 different regular cell modems, like Sierra Wireless and Digi WR31s for example. I wouldn’t mind at all discussing this more, but in a private format :slight_smile: You should have my email information, so feel free to reach out.