Where to find latest firmware for ProXR board?

We have not touched our board in over 2 years and it’s time to do updates as we need to make some changes and lock some things down. We used to go to www.ControlAnything.com and get updated firmware. That site is gone and took me to the new NCD.IO which does not seem to offer a downloads section.

Can somebody point me in the correct direction, Thanks.


Which downloads are you looking for?

We don’t release firmware or firmware updates for our products to customers. If you’re looking for software driver updates we do release those.

Guess what I’m really looking for is a way to lock down the board from general tinkering or hacking and place a different User/password on the “My Webpage” portion versus the configuration pages. The board back from late 2015 early 2016 is not what you’d consider secure.

Ugg, So I just set the password for the device, again a reason why I’m looking for an update as it’s limited to letters and numbers (not considered secure). So this has bitten me, what is the username for that password once it’s set on the DeviceConfiguration.html page. Tried to log back into the web interface with nothing/root/Root/Admin/admin with our to simple password (“Open”) and we can’t get in. Fustrating.

Where can I get the latest driver updates. Like I said we have stuff from 2016 and it’s got to be out of date. In fact I’ll need windows 10 stuff as back then we had all Win 7 and none of our compuuters have the latest anything for any NCD boards.

The username is statically set to webi as shown in the guide: https://ncd.io/web-i-webrelay-xbee-interface-quick-start-guide/

The security on those devices has not been updated to the best of my knowledge. We’re currently evaluating a replacement module which should improve security, but it is currently slated to be just a username and password over a TLS connection.

If you’re just using the web interface to control the relays then there won’t be any drivers necessary as it just operates through a browser.