Where are the videos on the web site

When I go to the Videos page on the new site, all I get is a “Go Back” button and no links or videos. Tried different browsers, no luck.



Hi Alex,

What does the URL in the browser say? It should be https://video.ncd.io

Hi Trey,

It does take you there, but when you click on a product to see the video you get basically a blank page with a Go Back button (https://video.ncd.io/videos/long-range-wireless-sensors/ for example).
You can get to some videos directly from the product’s page Video tab, but, for example, for one of the Node Red videos (https://video.ncd.io/videos/node-red-mcp23008-timer-tutorial/) you end up, as above, with just a Go Back button and links to the products shown in the video, but no video…


Ah I see, thanks for letting us know, I’ve fixed it and you should be able to view the videos now.

Let me know if you run into any more issues!

Yup! They work! Thank you Trey!

I don’t know what I need yet from your site, but I think I’m going to blow the budget and make a basket of goodies to play with!