When will more Ethernet to I2C converters be back in stock?

We are using an Ethernet to I2C device in a prototype. It is the first time we have used NCD products, and it has worked great. Then we shipped the prototype to a site and the Ethernet to I2C board got damaged in transit. Unfortunately, the NCD store lists this product (https://store.ncd.io/product/ethernet-to-i2c-converter/) as out of stock. Is there a way to find out if this is temporary (measured in days or weeks) or more permanent? Is there a way to be notified when more become available?

How many pcs do you need?
we have a MOQ for this product.

What is the MOQ for this product? We need them in small quantities right now, but we do need to get this prototype working, so may be willing to order more than we really need.

its 10pcs for this product

Ok, 10pcs might be doable or desirable for us to purchase. What is current lead time for 10pcs? It sounds like they are not stocked for immediate shipment? Is it possible to provide me a quote for a 10 piece purchase of this item? That is the paper that I will need to seek approval and then purchasing of this item.

Is there a better way to contact you to work these details rather than this public forum?

please reach out to orders@ncd.io